Sunday, November 14, 2004

what do i with my time lately? buy books and ride my bike

i promised rachel i would put oil on my chain when i got home. i had told her eariler about how everytime i go out on my bicycle, i glance down by my feet and am reminded that the chain is dry. furthermore, each time i get home i neglect to lube the chain out of forgetfulness. when i got home after meeting with rachel, i finally grabbed the chain lube.

i also fixed the back brake. and re-wrapped the bar tape. and put air in the tires.

on friday, the next day, i rode around 13 miles to the south lake shore for a seminar with teachers and the Alternative School Network. my collegues were surprised to find out that it took me less time on my bike than it took them in their car. sigh.

i rode back home from hyde park that night, and then rode 12 miles down Pulaski avenue to Daley College for class on saturday morning.

my ride on saturday was pleasent, mostly because of the stimulating street life--the stores and the people wandering about. i pass through North Avenue, Garfield Park and the west side, Little Village on 26th, the industrial structures throughout the 3000 block, the shopping centers and strip malls of the 5000 block, and the crazy shirtless man on top of a building somewhere around 63th street. i took side streets occasionally to keep away from traffic. doing so, i get to observe the communities and faces of neighbors throughout the west & south side.

on my ride back after class, i had to stop a few times from fatigue. i haven't riding long distances like this in months. lucky for me, i had what was left of a chocolate bar and some peanuts in my bag. yum.

Monday, November 08, 2004


i found a rat patrol sticker on a post near the library.