Sunday, October 31, 2004

strange news from afar

things are quiet lately.
i haven't been to critical mass in many, many months.
bicycle riding is a lonely affair, a silent journey from here to there.
futhermore, i am thinking about my future and where i will travel to. will i take my bicycle(s) with me? will i ride from state to state? i used to think of my blue cannondale as such a precious, fragile peice. my deluxe ride. i wouldn't want to damage it, i thought. but then i realized it is a solid frame and set of wheels, ready to see the country with me, through rain and sun and slipping in gravel parking lots. so now i don't think of my blue bicycle as such a precious jewel but rather a sturdy machine willing to ride. and ride. and ride.

miles and miles ahead. the chinook, the cannondale, lots of books, and the boundless moment, living in the now.


Anonymous said...

oh nic,
you have me so curious

and excited
for your travels ahead


5:11 PM  

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