Friday, September 17, 2004

fantastic sight

just outside my school is the
most wonderful bike trail in ohio

for a short time i was enrolled in a bicycle class
what could be better
getting credit for riding my bike for a few hours
last class we rode about 45 minutes to springfield and then we rode back
i talked with liam
about cities and city riding ((he's from boston))
i miss dodging car doors, riding betweeen taxies, the constant awareness. . . .
trail riding is beautiful and nice
but its a different kind of riding

but in a city you can't find something like this::
larissa and i went on a bike ride a few days ago
she told me she had found the most fantastic sight

i followed her as
we left the path and
started down the corn stalk lined streets

as we got to a park
i was waiting for an amazing view

we jumped off our bikes
and headed towards the weeping willow

the weeping willow sat next to a little pond
i looked up and
saw an old yellow crusier wrapped around the branches
it looked as if the cruiser was laying on the ground
and then the tree began to grow and grow
and the bike just sat in the branches and went along for the ride
as the tree grew

it was the most fanstatic sight i have seen in a while.


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