Friday, September 17, 2004

the death of CILO

"what kind of bike is that? wait, don't tell me..."

my scavenged bicycle served me well for over two years, taking abuse and rolling for thousands of miles. the frame had a bend and a crack in it's downtube after too many front-end collisions, but this crack was not the cause of the bicycle's demise. after such a strong and lasting friendship, this frail old bike gave up and let go. its seat post is what finally cracked--the support that holds the rails of the saddle, to be exact. i was riding through the park, no-hands breezy and rolling smooth, when the seat gave out from under me and i fell backwards, the seat post impaling me in the lower back. i fell backwards and the bike kept rolling foward. i finally toppled back-first onto the ground. unluckily (and after all that), i was wearing my kryptonite NYC chain--the rediculously huge chain--around my waist like a belt, and this chain is what cushioned my fall. i couldn't walk for a few minutes. i just lay there on the ground, not sure how badly i was hurt and not even sure what the hell had happened to the bicycle. i had heard a snap of metal, but what?

the swelling has gone down now after two days. i rode my blue bike today, my first ride since the accident. my body proceeded with caution, but was happy to once again be on a bicycle.


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