Wednesday, September 22, 2004

yellow springs

in a few hours
my road trip begins

tonight is my last evening in yellow springs ohio
last night in the dorms of antioch

i don't know if i'm ready to go
not ready for chicago
not ready to leave ohio

but i guess i'll see what happens

i didn't take advantage of the bike trails
as i would have liked

i had dropped out of school about a week ago and
i honestly don't know how my time passed so quickly

i went on a few rides
((yesterday a few of us rode to xenia for mexican food!))

but for the time i had and the trails they have i should have done more

and i have to say i am very ashamed
. . . . my chain has rust . . .
i feel horrible'

every since i moved into that awful awful dorm
i couldn't bring my bike upstairs anymore
so i had to leave it out
to collect rain and dew and fallen leaves

it's almost time that i should be taking off the wheels and packing it into the green car
and off onto the roads of chicacgo


n said...

and how many times did you ride that bicycle of yours up the impossible hill in john bryan state park?

10:38 PM  

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