Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Distance Traveled

52 mi :: Friday - Chicago to Joliet
44 mi :: Saturday - Joliet to Marsalis (I&M Canal)
40 mi :: Sunday - Marsalis to Lock 17, near Wyanet (Hennapin Canal)
58 mi :: Monday - Lock 17 to East Moline
45 mi :: Tuesday - Moline to Loud Thunder Forest Preserve
63 mi :: Wednesday - Loud Thunder to Keithsburg
80 mi :: Thursday - Keithsburg to Keokuk, Iowa

We rode 381 miles. One flat tire.
We tried sleeping in a greenhouse one night, but it got too spooky.
Racoons stole a cookie out of nic's pannier another night.
We have a combined total of 873 mosquito bites.
BUT. . .
We receieved one free pasta dinner, one free bicycle tube, one free saddle for emily, a whistle, a bracelet, vegan donuts, not-so-vegan danishes, O.J., and a green pepper from a trucker, and we sipped water on a porch with strangers.


At 12:04 PM, -chokestah- said...

free road grub is always a winner in my book.

i bet those danishes gave you stomach aches!

ps i was vegan for 2 weeks. then i ate a burrito....yum

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