Friday, July 09, 2004

steepest of hills

so we finally started
even after many difficulties

a few months before this trip things seemed to be going to so good
some of our problems::
stupid cars + bikes = bent frames
new bike + stupidity = stolen bike
2 new bikes - panniers = not ready

plus a pinched nerve scare for emily and bad back/shoulder for nic

but we have gotten through those problems
and landed ourselves in joliet tonight

we crossed over many many hills
that i thought were impossible
we made it over the steepest of hills to find cows welcoming us on the downhill

i used to be afraid of hills
now i look at them
more as a challenge

(( i used to think the hills on milwaukee ave. were hard))

now we eat.


At 4:44 PM, donna said...

hey.little monkey, i am so excited about your

trip.laughlots l/ o/ v/ e/


At 10:34 PM, sarah said...

surprise, emily.
thank you for calling.
find a diner and take a photo for me.
call again soon.

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