Tuesday, July 13, 2004

We are Scavengers

Hot tar and a leaky tire are what i remember best from yesterday. and itchy mosquito bites. We folded up our tent, packed our bags, and headed into town yesterday morning for breakfast in Wyanet (see map). The only thing on the menu was biscuits & gravy. Off we rode, mostly on the Hennapin Canal trail, but then took a country road detour to Mineral and then Annawan for groceries. The country roads were smooth rolling for a while until we came upon one section of road with too much tar. The temperature was pushing ninety degrees and our tires began to stick to the road in sections, slowing us down and wearing us out. We took the next road back to the gravel canal path.

When we arrived in Colona, some kids on a teeter-totter yelled out to us, "Are you scavengers?!"
I replied, "Yes. What do you have for us?!"
"A bracelet!"
"OK!" i agreed to accept their offering and the three kids jumped on their bikes and rode over to us. A twelve-year old girl handed me a pink plastic bracelet. Emily and i chatted with the kids for a while. It was a perfect ending to an exhausting day.

Last night, we stopped by Hy-Vee (the local grocery store) and feasted on organic garlic bread, eggplant hummous, tomatoes and...AVOCADOS! I ate four sandwiches. yum.

I think our bodies are regaining energy. Yesterday we ran low on food and had to stop by a highway diner called Olympic Flame. Emily ate a salad and i had oatmeal and french fries. Not exactly a complete, nutritious meal. If only we had more Nutrilicious Bakery donuts...

Two more days till Keokuk.


At 12:14 PM, Mark said...

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At 12:14 PM, Mark said...

When you talked about anticipating riding down Moline streets, it was weird for me. I could see them so vividly. I'm glad they'll be part of your memories now too.

I am keeping track of your progress, now. Thanks for the calls! I'm really proud of you guys. Stay safe.
Love, Dad!

At 2:43 PM, Dan said...

Nice to sit in a/c space and "experience" a portion of your experience. Keep up the good work, you two! I hope the weather will be far friendlier by the time you get to the River.

Love you!

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