Wednesday, July 14, 2004

hottest day

yesterday was the hottest it has been
the guys at the moline bike store said summer is finally beginning
and decided defrost their fridge.

the sun beat down on us all day

as the sun began to set we
found a small house with the sign
"pickles, sweet corn, peaches, tomatoes. . ."

they closed at 7
we arrived at 6:58

and we bought some fruits

i think we had found the best peaches in illinois. they couldn't be more perfect!
especially after the hottest day.

we slept under the stars
until the ranger made us put up a tent
half asleep we quickly put up the tent
that reminded
me of the tent my sister and i would make with chairs and the pink blanket.
raccoons woke us up every few minutes
opening the bags to reach for our food.

today is much cooler
so we should start riding again.


At 5:14 PM, Mark said...

What a victory! You guys sound exhilerated by your accomplishment. That's great!!

I have to say this: be sure to drink enough water!

And this: Be safe!

We love you.

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