"Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money; It is a process, a never-ending one." -bel kaufman

Monday, November 15, 2004



with all this free time, i should be writing more, yes? well, not exactly. i usually neglect my creative impluses when i gain more leasure time. i usually go off living and wandering. but i should record some moments here, especially since there is some unexpected news...

on wednesday, i attended my final day of classes. i was not so much the teacher to my students on this day, but more of a friend enjoying the moment. grades didn't matter to them or to me. when i talked to students, i felt a sense of compassion between us. they expressed how they would miss me and how i shouldn't leave just yet. i kept reminding them that my departure can only be something good because when i return, i will have more stories and experiences to share. some of the students got excited at the thought of traveling. i hope they travel soon, as well.

on thursday, i submitted the final grades. on friday, one last seminar with the faculty & ASN. the teachers finally had a chance to act like our students... a little too well, i might add. i wanted to take a photograph of all of us together, but the moment passed and before i knew it everyone was gone, off to their cars to drive away. no worries, i will be returning next week to substitute.

to substitute? yes. to substitute. for myself. the school has found a qualified replacement for my position (journalism & photography teacher), but she can not start for another two weeks until she clears her calendar--she has been doing freelance photography work according to my principal. so i am now planning two weeks of projects for my students and i, something to complete our year and finish off those final ideas... my journalism classes still have two issues of our magazine to publish: an election issue & a thanksgiving issue, some articles already complete. my hope is to eventually get their magazine online, at least for historical purposes. so much amazing work has been produced.

i also hope to publish a tangible copy of this journal, plus more stories and rambling on teaching, sometime in the next few months. i have read many worthwhile books on teaching from publishers like Rethinking Schools, the New Press, Teachers College Press, etc. i feel i can contribute something at the underground level. look for "Teacher" in your favorite zine shop around the country in 2005.

more to come...


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