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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


!teaching again!

i found my way back into teaching again. this summer i was offered a position as an instructor for a web design apprenticeship program. i had my choice of five high school locations, but at the last minute one more opened up: Dr. Pedro Albizu-Campos Puerto Rican Alternative High School (quite a name)(aka PACHS). i've been aware of this school for a while, first through Jose Lopez, director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and my professor at Columbia College, and second through Praxis, an alternative school improvement workshop program where PACHS teachers attended along with teachers from Antonia Pantoja HS. so PACHS is a place i have always wanted to somehow become more involved in, and when the opportunity came to instruct this web design class, i took it immediately.

seven weeks later, seven out of twelve students surviving, the apprentices create this fine piece of web design: http://www.albizucamposhs.org

they deserve all the credit, and their day-by-day stories can be found here, on livejournals we kept every day: http://www.livejournal.com/community/p_albizu_campos

thanks for checking out their work. you may just see me working in this school in the future...


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