"Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money; It is a process, a never-ending one." -bel kaufman

Thursday, September 16, 2004


i tell my students and i tell my friends:

every one of you has the ability, the CAPACITY to accomplish whatever you dream to do. only the lazy ones with excuses will convince themselves that something is impossible.

Thank you for the words to live by. I worked in a special education setting for a few years and tried to always instill in my students the belief that they could do anything!
That is an excellent thought to keep in mind, and thanks for your comment earlier. Your journal is excellent as well, but I guess it only comes natural for an English teacher to write his thoughts down on paper and have them sound eloquent. I'm thankful I live in the south, we get out of school for just about any slight change in the weather. I've bookmarked your site for future inspiration, from the looks of it you are amazing teacher. Just don't edit this comment, I know English teachers have an inclination to go happy with the red pen. =) Keep teaching and posting.
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