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Saturday, July 17, 2004


on vacation...

i've left chicago for a little while. i'll be back soon.

Hello Nickolas,

This will be a long shot but I hope one day you will read this and find me dead....or dreadful.

I have been wanting to contact you after I left your dad's domain. I know that things were not good between me and your dad when I left. I trust that our relationship was not affected by it.

I have always been thinking of you Nic and been asking if you were mad at me or not. I care about how you think and feel about me because I cared so much about you, and ALL of your family circle.

It is April 05, 2007 and I am writing this note at my sister's house in Kokomo, Indiana. I happened to read your diary "teacher" when I look for your name on the net.

If you want to contact me please use my sister's address:(just between You and Me)
Meegin Tirol Galia
940 Zartman Rd.
Kokomo, IN 46902
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