"Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money; It is a process, a never-ending one." -bel kaufman

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


passing moments in time and space

it could be said that teaching is like balancing yourself on a tight rope while simultaneously holding a plate of marbles in each hand. and, just for kicks, every now and then someone comes by and shakes the rope to see what you can handle. or puts even more marbles on your plate.

i have many stories to write, hopeful stories and difficult stories. stories that shake me up every time i think about them. but i have to move on and sometimes i don't have the time to write. i miss that free time.

things are changing, oh how things are changing. i see so many changes in myself: i feel like a more skillful teacher, but sometimes i don't feel as connected with the students because i'm pushing them to do assignments instead of chatting with them about something off topic. i also worry that i am getting comfortable and not pushing myself like i used to. i don't want to stick with textbook work, but i also have to make sure i put in all the preperation time needed when giving project-based assigments. and sometimes i worry when i don't connect with an entire class and we accomplish very little; i wonder why it is i cannot engage some students, no matter how hard i try.

i see changes in the school, great changes, profound changes! i am working on a letter to our new principal, fresh from a middle-school teaching position, but with over a decade experience working in chicago public schools. she knows how to get things done, but most importantly, she knows how to fight fair and how to treat our students with respect. i look up to her. in my letter, i plan to thank her for all she has brought to this school and to tell her more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, my hopes and fears.

i see changes in the students. they are more focused on themselves and not so much on the failings of this school because, i think, the school is showing signs of improvement. we take things one step at a time. even though each day is a struggle and some days drag on with painful progression, we still are taking those steps forward. when a week passes, we feel changed somehow, like we're moving with a purpose and not running aimlessly in circles.

thank you to everyone, for your continuous support and encouragement. you know who you are. on the love. keep in touch.


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