"Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money; It is a process, a never-ending one." -bel kaufman

Thursday, March 25, 2004


i found something i had lost...

i aplogize. i think i have been ignoring all of my support, the words of encouragement being offered to me from all of my friends and relatives. these past couple of weeks have been overbearing, and falling behind has only made me doubt my abilities as a teacher. in reality though, i have only lost sight of my potential. i forgot some of the reasons why i am doing this...i lost sight of what i have to offer.

+ i will give my students the perspectives and stories they may have never seen and heard before.
+ i will tell them about my life and i will not alter who i am just to make them think i am more like them. we will compare our lives and open our minds. we will find our commonalties.
+ i will read to them and find what captures their attention, then use their interests to teach them what they need to know in order to survive in this world.
+ i will listen to them and let them teach me what i need to know to survive in this world.
+ i will be honest.
+ i will give them the truth, as best as i can explain it.
+ i will get frustrated.
+ my worst days will push me up into my best days.
+ i will still smile at them after giving them detention.
+ i will reveal myself when i don't know something (which happens often).
+ i will help them find the answers.
+ i will offer them only compassion in all that i do and nothing else.


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