Thursday, July 22, 2004

NEXT: Yellow Springs, Ohio

We made it home on an Amtrak train--Macomb, Illinois to Chicago in a three hour blur. I always enjoyed the train, but compared to bicycling, there's not much of a view.

Our decision to take the train home and not to ride our bicycles was primarily to save time. We wanted to return to Chicago to see our friends and say goodbye to a couple leaving for Europe and a friend leaving for Palestine. We will be leaving as well: Monday is our scheduled departure for Indianapolis. We found six dollar train tickets to the racecar capital of the world, and from there we will pedal our bicycles about 150 miles to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Yellow Springs is host to the SEAC Activist Training Camp (, where emily and i will attend until the fifth. I go east and emily heads back to chicago, and our duo cycling adventures for this summer will conclude.

Until then, we will keep this site updated with our stories and photos on the road. Thanks for being a part of it.


At 4:31 PM, -chokestah- said...

yesterday i went to a thrift store here in palm desert and bought a giant rincon 21 speed bike for 20 dollars. after silicon lube, a very cheap chain lock, and a new front innertube, it is servicable for my needs. and by needs, i mean, the local public transportation (the sunbus) doesn't come anywhere near my house. so i've been walking about an hour each way down from my house to the bus stop, which is about a mile or so away. maybe more. not sure.

so now i can bike down to the stop, and put the bike on the provided front mount rack.

so i was reminded how much i love biking. its so serene, peacefull, personal. at least to me. and it reminds me of before i drove cars, and wrecked them, and spent all my money, and drugs, and sex, and everything else.

so......have fun in yellow springs.
ps i liked the old design better, i don't know why.

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