write write write write it's time to write
papers papers artist's statements papers journals

sometimes i feel like i have to write to someone
i have a hard time visualizing my subject
if i don't have something manifesting my thoughts,
i can't produce well
i can babble, doodle on paper or computer keyboards
but i feel awkward with babbles and i can never publish these
self conscious, maybe a little, but more just embarrased to
put something so sloppy out for public eyes.
there's a time and place for sketch-pad journals
the things that you go back and read a year from now.
and then there's the clean, the edited prose, the thing i spent many nights on
or something that was produced under one of those manifestations.
those seem more full, alive.

i can't spend too much time on a computer anyway.
it's just too dreadful.
it sucks my life away.

graffiti and nameless art and such
these things shake me, heat me, move me.

so... balance.
balance when i'm finally out.





{ 15 may 2003 2:36am }

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